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The project was created through a conversation in a small Istrian cafe in the town of Labin in 2003. Patrick and Mladen agreed on a project to create a portal for the stock market, but as a beta project it is   an agreed launch of a real estate portal. A random project turned out to be a success! There was no serious real estate portal on the market at the time, and unlike the rest, the slogan was "We are not a real estate agency" . The basic idea was   engage in online real estate marketing and do not interfere with agency business.   We apply the same model today. is primarily recognized by agencies as well as by a large number of real estate buyers. Although was not advertised anywhere, thanks to its good search engine positioning (primarily on Google), it was quickly recognized as an "eldorado" for real estate: by agencies for free advertising, and by clients for the most comprehensive real estate deals.

Faced with a strong increase in real estate interest in the Republic of Croatia and   increasing competition as well as new internet technologies in 2008, when the portal celebrated 5 years of operation   a complete remake of the portal with a new design and concept has been made. The portal begins with a new look with fresh design and active promotion in the Croatian internet market.

Our old logo that made us recognizable was

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