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From 1.09.2016. price adjustments and advertising conditions
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Price 12 months 1.800 Kn + PDV 2.760 Kn + PDV 3.560 Kn + PDV
Peice 6 months 1.200 Kn + PDV 1.598 Kn + PDV 2.130 Kn + PDV
Price 3 months 1.000 Kn + PDV 1.000 Kn + PDV 1.290 Kn + PDV
Number of ads 30 1000 1000
Unlimited number of images per object X X X
Inquiries analytics X X X
Objects analtytics X X X
Appearance on agency list X X X
Link to agency's web page X X X
Constant ability to add / edit / delete ads X X X
Receive general inquiries from potential customers ('We're looking for you' service) X X X
Automatic ad sync (via XML)) X X X
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REC Ad - Private Owners Package