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From 01.11.2015. new price for yellow ad: 200 kn + PDV.

Service Description Period Price  
Yellow ad
Your real estate before anyone else!

On top of the search results, before all other ads, this position attracts the most attention when searching, and is reserved only for users looking for real estate in your county.

Your property will not be displayed if certain search criteria are used and the property is found as a result of those criteria. Also, the listed property will not be displayed in new listings that will be activated or will be activated after 1/4/2014.
In all old types of lists, the display model remains unchanged.

30 days 200 kn + PDV Order
TOP ponuda
Make your property visible to everyone!

Exclusive position on the front page of the portal, where your property is presented with a picture and attractive description - a winning combination to attract the attention of potential buyers. * New price from 1.07.2016.

30 days 500 kn + PDV Order
New Build
Be where they will look for you first!

It is best to present the project where people first look for it - which is precisely the 'New Buildings' section. The special attractive presentation we make with your materials should attract more attention from potential customers.

30 days 295 kn + PDV Order
SMART Banner
Be the leading agent in your county!

A 580 x 100 px banner, in .gif, .jpg or flash format, at the top of the property list, is displayed in rotation with up to one more banner (has a minimum guaranteed 50% share). It is very visible and focused only on users from one county.

30 days 290 kn + PDV (for 1 county) Order
Exclusive - Display only your banner in this position
30 days 520 kn + PDV (for 1 county)
TOP Agency
Let customers do business with you first!

The agency listing page is the main one for those looking for a partner to sell their property, and your agency is at the top of the list. Note: This service is only available with one standard advertising package.

30 days 190 kn + PDV Order